Hay Fever, Sinus and Oil Pulling

“What is Oil Pulling?”

I was asked the question recently, “Can this help with tooth pulling?”

Before I tell you what answer I gave this person, let me tell you a story that person’s comment reminds me about. When our oldest son, (the son we mention in our reports about skin and Virgin Coconut Oil) was quite small (in the early 2000s), he was asked what the opposite of the word “male” was. He quickly responded with what he thought was the right answer.

“Email,” said he.
Moving right back to the point about tooth pulling / oil pulling. I assured the person asking me about tooth pulling that yes they can use Virgin Coconut Oil for Oil Pulling.
So what is Oil Pulling?
It is famed for being beneficial for oral health and tooth hygiene. It is the process whereby you place some Virgin Coconut Oil in your mouth where it melts, and hold it there for a time, at the front of your mouth. Then start to swish it around in your mouth, then hold it for a while, etc.
Some people can last but a few moments. Others make it last a while. The goal is continuous swishing in one or more sessions for up to 15-20 minutes. You spit it out, without swallowing it.

Here are some Oil Pulling Tips.

Oil pulling works, as long as you work at oil pulling, long term up to 15-20 minutes at a time. It doesn’t have to be one effort. You can spit it out, and try again in the same session.

1) Do it first thing in the morning + another time if you wish
2) Holding the oil in your mouth is an effective additional activity to swishing, and helps to remove mucous from the nose and back of throat – just swish it and you won’t feel it any more.
3) After some time oil pulling may accelerate symptoms, but persevere, day after day, week after week, and if by 18 months your body is not responding with less symptoms, you’d be one of the few.
4) Oil pulling doesn’t cure anything. It just helps the body to eliminate symptoms, which allows you and your body to get on with healing itself.
5) Learn more with Dr Bruce Fife’s book which is sold on our site.

Does it work?
It is our experience that Oil Pulling has reduced a sore throat, and most cases a hay fever induced or common sickness induced sore throat will go away if you catch it when it starts, and start Oil Pulling.
At this point we need to remind you that we are speaking from our experience, and relying heavily on Dr Bruce Fife’s book, and other sources on the topic. We are not health practitioners but we have to deal with extreme allergy related health issues every day.

The allergic symptoms we’ve experienced this year have been blocked sinuses, headaches, constant runny noses, itchy eyes, fever, blocked noses and sore throats, not to mention all the things that accompany those symptoms.

Oil Pulling does a work that we don’t always want, at the start.
Oil Pulling can produce some immediate relief to a blocked nose or a sore throat. But given time it is most likely to begin to purge out the causes of symptoms, and that is most likely to give you more symptoms. (detoxifying effect)
But hang in there. They will pass.

What has our experience been?

Our experience this year has been that Oil Pulling is an excellent long time solution for relieving the intensity of the attack. But once the sinus and nose are irritated, you need a more immediate solution.
For irritated noses, here are 3 possible options to provide you with possible immediate results. None of our family now use pharmacy manufactured solutions for our noses and sinus trouble.
1) Go see your doctor, or pharmacy/ drug store and ask for a nose wash kit. “NeilMed” is the big name in nose wash kits.Our doctor gave us a home made nose solution remedy to use with it. You can also look up this web address: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nasal_irrigation for more information.
2) Put some Virgin Coconut Oil up your nostrils. (Just place it, don’t sniff it in).
3) Drinking Rooibos Tea certainly helps us. (made really strong with boiling water and brewed for 5+ minutes)

We hope this has been of assistance to some of you. Make sure you have taken a look at the book about Oil Pulling by Dr Bruce Fife.