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Our family's experience with Virgin Coconut Oil and eczema

Free download of the $25 report on Virgin Coconut Oil and Eczema: our family’s experience

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Latest material on Oil Pulling

Here is an article written from a Doctor’s perspective. Dr Emery is also a cosmetic dentist.
The article was written March 12th 2014

Click on the photo above to download the report in PDF format, (Adobe Portable File format).

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Download Is Coconut Oil Good for your Skin? (v1.0 Worth $6.70)
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Hay Fever, Sinus and Oil Pulling


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Gaps Diet FAQ

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Free “Which Oil?” Lessons

Lesson 1 – What colour is it and what type is it – virgin or not?

Lesson 2 – Will my oil be liquid or solid?

Lesson 3 – How do I get started?

Lesson 4 – Is tasteless good?

Lesson 5 – Which oil for eating and drinking and which one for skin and hair?

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