Coconut Products Teaching Series 1

Do Young Green Coconuts give us Virgin Coconut Oil?

Don’t miss our new series with a few home truths from Camp Coconut! Young Lady Green (a King Coconut) can’t produce Colonel Drupe’s Meat, Milk, Melt, and Moribund Water. Keep reading to learn more from our new teaching series.

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Young Green Coconuts are attracting attention in the market place. Some people do not realise the differences between Young Green Coconuts (King Coconuts) and mature Coconuts that produce Virgin Coconut Oil, as you see in the picture above).

In our free book, Coconut Oil Basics – we explain the difference between the two types of Coconut, and which products can be extracted from each of them.

The key message we want to everyone to understand is that Virgin Coconut Oil is a product you extract from a mature Coconut*.

It takes time to develop all of a mature Coconut’s specialness. That factor of improvement over time reminds me of my marriage.

I asked myself the question one day, “What is the biggest difference between the young wife I had, when we got married, and the same wife I still have today?

Well part of the difference is that we were both young and green in our marriage relationship, and the game of life. We hadn’t even got to a point of seriously thinking about owning a business!

We can apply a similar observation about the development of a Coconut.

This new teaching series is full of home truths from island life at Camp Coconut! In this episode / lesson you’ll discover that Young Lady Green (a King Coconut) can’t produce what Colonel Drupe can!

What can a mature Coconut produce?

I liken a mature Coconut to a suave man in a uniform. Let’s refer to the brown hairy kernel of a mature Coconut as Colonel Drupe, just for fun.
When we open up Colonel Drupe we see he has made meat, milk and melt.
The kernel of mature Coconuts produce:
  • Meat
  • Milk
  • Melt (fat we call Virgin Coconut Oil)
  • Moribund Coconut Water (moribund – informal for “on the way out”)
*We call them Coconuts but they are not really nuts. The “fruit” of the Coconut tree is a drupe, which is neither a nut, seed nor a fruit.
White Gold Raw Cold Pressed Organic Unrefined Extra Virgin
Coconut Trees can stand tall, commanding and majestic. They are really tall. I’ve seen them in Vanuatu, and you can see that here in this picture from Sri Lanka. That is why I have taken to referring in my teaching session to Colonel Drupe, as a mature Coconut.

What can a Young Green Coconut produce?

Young Green Coconuts attract attention because their kernel is easy to open, and the kernel provides ready to eat Coconut Wholefoods.
The kernel of Young Green Coconuts produce:
  • No Meat
  • No Milk
  • Gel – scrape it out
  • Fresh Coconut Water (this is the main thing to get from them)
These wholefoods include delicious gel, which can be scraped out of the middle of the thick green kernel. They are also famous give you refreshing Coconut Water which is considered natures’ natural hydrator.
The kernel of a Young Green Coconut is light in colour and smooth. The heart is soft and delicious!
It has no solid meat, it has no brown hairy husk.
I liken Young Green Coconuts to a young lady. Let’s refer to it as Young Lady Green Coconut in this teaching session, just for fun.
In the article I point out that Young Coconuts don’t give you Virgin Coconut Oil. But they do give you Coconut Water, and that is very nutritionally dense. It is full of amazing minerals and trace elements.
The best way to get an intensive understanding of the topic is to read Bruce Fife’s book, “Coconut Water for health and healing: a natural sports drink and health tonic”.
A great way to do that is to buy it on special with our Bruce Fife, + Coconut Libre special offer. (Water has a 24th March 2015 use by date).
I hope you enjoyed this article. It is the first in a series to help you master the Coconut, and share you joy with your freinds.