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Hi, my name is Neil Smith, my wife and family and I live, breath, rub, and eat Virgin Coconut Oil every day! We’ve been consuming the good oil since 2003. And we know there is lots of confusion around the topic of Coconuts and Coconut Oil so we thought we’d do our best to set the basics out in straight language.

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We deal with many different Virgin Coconut Oil suppliers, and consumers every business day. We know the questions, and we have straight answers.

As you proceed from here, you’ll notice we are a family business. Supporting us is supporting traditional, small scale enterprise. We try to deal with suppliers who fit that description as much as possible.

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Your next step is to sign up to receive your copy of our short absolute beginners’ guide to Virgin Coconut Oil. This guide was written with both beginners and experienced Coconut Oil users in mind. It has two wonderful recipes you won’t want to miss, and some easy to understand explanations about Coconut trees, and some of the products people easily mix up when they talk about Coconuts. You’ll find a variety of background information. For example, one of the topics is about the Coconut Tree. Is it a lazy’s man’s tree?

Other topics covered in the downloadable document include:

Coconut Oil Basics A Consumer Guide by Camp Coconut 1) Time Saving Guide: What To Look For In Coconut Oil 2) Is Coconut Oil made from Coconut Water or Coconut Milk? 3) Two Delicious Recipes 4) Cooking: Are Taste and Smell Important? 5) Does Coconut Oil Have A High Smoke Point?In addition to that, we’ll explain some common uses for Coconut Oil, and what the difference is between Coconut Water, Coconut Milk, Coconut Cream, Creamed Coconut, Coconut Flour, Coconut Sugar, Coconut Nectar Syrup and Coconut Amino Sauce. And when that is done, we’ll let you know there are other products, but the Coconut Oil Shop doesn’t sell them all yet so we won’t talk about them. We’ll talk about these things in our emails to you.

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