Coconut Oil and Pets – Dr Karen Becker – Mercola Healthy Pets

Dr Karen Becker, of Mercola Healthy Pets

Where do you buy unadulterated, unrefined, Virgin Coconut Oil for your dog, cat, or horse?

Right here.

Ancient Wisdom 2 L Value Flexipack


IndusKera Coconut Oil


Click and Pray We promote safe click and receive ordering

You can order Virgin coconut oil in 4, 5, and 10 litre pails. We have a limited number of 20 litre pails as well, please ask us about them.

How does the safe click and receive ordering system work?
If you see it in stock in the shop, you can click on it, and pay for it, and expect it in the normal delivery time of 2-6 days from time of order dispatch. We send the next business day, except when it we’re snowed in!

And you pay no postage costs, anywhere in the 4 main islands, and even Chatham Islands.

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