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Black Doris and 75 grams of Coconut Sugar

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These muffins are naturally gluten free, making them a wonderful and wholesome light morning or afternoon tea. Have you ever stopped to think that Coconut Sugar is bursting with Potassium*? Well neither had I until I looked into it. But what that means is that the minerals in Coconut Sugar helps keep your heart working

Allergy-friendly recipe: Golden blueberry mini muffins (Coconut Oil, Flour + Desiccated Coconut)

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Didn't I mention just last week March - April is Pumpkin time in New Zealand? Just look what we have here! What do you think the secret ingredient in these Coconut Flour muffins is? (Hint, it's not Coconut Flour). Emma blogs at it's an Auckland NZ blog. Emma says: These golden blueberry muffins are

Allergy Free Three Seed Recipe

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Emma says: I've been on a mission to come up with an allergy-friendly cracker recipe. These beauties are gluten-free (in fact entirely grain-free), dairy-free, egg-free and nut-free. They are also quick to make, hold together well and taste great. Ingredients 2T freshly ground chia seeds (I grind seeds with my hand-blender in a tall-sided container so

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