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Do You Scoop Coconut Oil?

Do you use this 1st Coconut Oil way? Do you scoop Coconut Oil?

Learn more about this 1st Coconut Oil Way – scoop your Oil for everyday eating.
Do you scoop Coconut Oil? Then you may value this tip on keeping your Oil cool. Why? Because Virgin Coconut Oil is solid at 24º C (75º F), therefore, many people in New Zealand have solid oil in their house.

Virgin Coconut Oil Scoop Cool Oil

Did you know that some people think keeping Virgin Coconut Oil enhances the taste? I tend to think that myself.

Why I chose to highlight this tip about keeping your Oil cool

I hate eating hot food half cold. In Japan food is often served cold, or cool. But I grew up with food that was hot when it was supposed to be hot*. So if I were buying White Gold or Ancient Wisdom Virgin Coconut Oil I’d expect a similar taste each time I tasted it. For that very reason, I thought I’d suggest that you consider keeping your Oil cool.

It does not need to be kept in a fridge (refrigerator) but that could enhance the taste if you can scoop it out afterwards. We keep ours in a cupboard usually.

If you are also particular about taste like that you may have noticed that liquid Virgin Coconut Oil can sometimes taste slightly different. I mention the hot food example because nearly cold cabbage doesn’t taste the same as hot cabbage. Neither is a warm up of tea with milk it in anything like the taste of a hot cup of tea with milk in it.

So in like manner, liquid Ancient Wisdom is quite different in taste in solid Ancient Wisdom at room temperature, or chilled Ancient Wisdom. They are three slightly different tastes in my opinion.

*Like many of my readers, both my grandmothers heated their dinner plates for hot food. But my mother didn’t go that extent, and neither does my family, just in case you were wondering….

How much could you eat off the spoon per day?

Eating Virgin Coconut Oil - 1-4 Tablespoons per day

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