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Sports Drinks with Caffeine vs Coconut Water

Can too much caffeine at once aggrevate a heart problem, even heart failure?

“[For] many adolescents and young adults, energy drinks have become essential for getting through the day. But they carry a serious risk of sudden death, a new study finds.”

Coconut Water is often marketed as a mineral rich Sports Drink alternative, and for very good reasons. It replaces essential minerals and trace elements in your body, and allows your body to flush out what is not needed. Dr Bruce Fife, in his book, “Coconut Water for health and healing” cites an example of an endurance athlete who was collapsing after races and being sent to hospital. This was even though he had adequate water.

That athlete had hydration, but he didn’t have the trace elements that Coconut Water provides. When he started drinking Coconut Water he stopped collapsing.

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Young people are turning to Sports Drinks for energy, and to keep them going during the day. A study published by the Canadian Journal of Cardiology states, “Energy drinks (EDs) have increased in popularity and are now consumed by 30%-50% of adolescents (ie, aged 10-19 years) and young adults.”

But most of these sports drinks are caffeinated. On the 4th of March 2015 wrote a post about this research pointing to the growing trend, and linking it to a study finding:

High amounts of sugar and caffeine can aggravate underlying heart issues, causing fatal arrhythmias

Ingredients such as guarana, ginseng, and taurine have caffeine concentrations that are equal to, or higher than, caffeine found in coffee. Ingesting high doses of any of these substances can be very dangerous.

Roughly 31% of adolescents from ages 12 to 19 consume energy drinks on a regular basis. An even higher number of people use alternatives to these beverages, such as gums or inhalers. The high amounts of caffeine in all of these products is causing serious harm, the study found.

An alternative, just plain water has not been found to have negative effects on the heart, but as Dr Bruce Fife points out in his book, “Coconut Water for health and healing” it may lack some minerals and trace elements used up by the body during physical activities.

Sports Drinks With Caffeine vs Coconut Water

So give Coconut Water a try. Personally, I find it amazingly refreshing! So do my children especially when they are feeling under the weather.

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