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Nits – learn how to prevent hair invasion

Has your child come home from School with nits?

Nits learn how to prevent hair invasion

No-one wants to admit their child has nits or head lice

Head louse (headlice) – nits, it’s part of life, but anti-social! See our notes on prevention, and a treatment option below. We claim no cures or results. This may work for you. Best of all there are no artificial chemicals that may remain on your child’s skin and cause some sort of flare up of a skin condition.

Here is prevention tips information you may be interested in.
Below there is a link about how to treat nits (head louse) with Virgin Coconut Oil.

We make no claims, but it works for us.

Olive oil and coconut oil kill lice by dissolving their exoskeletons. Milk Relief Soap™ contains plenty of both oils. Other oils do not offer the same effect. Join Camp Coconut free for more info.

Discover how the Smith Family scotch the nits with Virgin Coconut Oil!

Save time nitpicking and use less chemicals on your child’s hair. Join us at the free membership area (as a day-camper) at Camp Coconut, right here on this same website. Use the link below.

Click on the nit comb image for location of treatment plan page.

Nits, Head Louse, Headlice, scotch the nits with Virgin Coconut Oil treatment

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