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Feel full sooner and for longer

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It has been said that eating a small amount of Coconut Oil can lead to some level of feeling "satiation". That is the feeling your brain creates when it thinks your meal should be finishing. Some people would benefit if they feel full sooner. “Satiation” refers to the end of desire to eat after a meal,

Do You Scoop Coconut Oil?

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Learn more about this 1st Coconut Oil Way - scoop your Oil for everyday eating. Do you scoop Coconut Oil? Then you may value this tip on keeping your Oil cool. Why? Because Virgin Coconut Oil is solid at 24º C (75º F), therefore, many people in New Zealand have solid oil in their house.

Coconut Sugar Cacao Nibs Recipe

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Coconut Sugar Cacao Nibs are a nutrient-rich sweetener. This is a novel natural Chocolate variation. Have you ever thought of putting a Coconut Sugar coating on a Raw Cacao Nibs? Coconut Sugar has a natural caramel taste to it. The sugar makes the totally natural Cacao taste slightly sweeter. Recipe author, Sondi Bruner says, "It

Summer Virgin Coconut Oil Ideas

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Fiordland is renowned for sandflies.  Lemongrass Essential Oil in Coconut Oil repels sandflies. Take a look at these 3 summer themed posts I found deep in the updates archives. Neil Smith, The Coconut Oil Shop Team There is a lot of articles and information out there on Coconut Oil and how