New Comers

Hi , if you’re new to Camp Coconut free membership, you’ll have received an email from us about your user name etc.

New as of October 2017 – permanent $5 discount code for Camp Coconut and My Account members.

The Discount Code is:


Once you have a product in the shopping cart, you’ll find a box that says:

“Apply Coupon”

If you miss that, at the Checkout, you’ll see:

Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code.

It will not work with any other code. So the monthly email code will not work in addition to this.

You might have found yourself at the My Dashboard page too. Of course you could be looking for the recipe archive page. Its on the menu above. The updates page has the recipes themselves.

Hopefully you’ll have found your My Profile page so you can change your password if you need to.

On the grey menu items below the big image at the top of the page, you’ll find the “My Dashboard, then Videos.The Videos tab is a place for us keep a list of useful videos. This tab disappears when you are not logged in. :  )In the Events menu tab, we’d like to invite people to computer based “tele-seminar” type calls on Google Hang-out, etc. We’ll have instructions on how to make that happen too.

The Camp Benefits page is there to remind you of what is available, with links, of course. If you are not a Coconut Tips members, you’ll be able to see what you’re missing out on.

The resources page is THE ESSENTIAL page. It has a lot of the goodies, in one place. It can be accessed from inside or outside Camp Coconut. But you have to have the relevent membership to access membership only material.

We look forward to seeing you access more and more of the information, and gaining in confidence with Coconut Oil, and other products, as you gain in competence as well.

Thanks for joining us. Bye for now.

Kind regards,


Neil Smith