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White Gold 20 Litre Pails are available for sending all over Australia and all over New Zealand! (Same NZD price, free postage in both countries).

How much Coconut Milk should you drink per day?

Latest Version: Coconut Oil Basics – Consumer Guide

Coconut Oil Coffee Recipe as talked about on 2nd December 2014

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News (August 2019)

We have new products!

News (January 2018)

The 20L pails for Rich Gold, Creamed Coconut is back in stock, here on site, and on

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News! (February 2017)

New comparison list for White Gold and Ancient Wisdom comparison.

Firstly, some background to this comparison list.

We have a temporary shortage of smaller Ancient Wisdom products. So one of the questions people have been asking us is about our future direction.
Are we moving away from smaller packaging for Ancient Wisdom?
The answer is no. We intend to provide smaller packaging for Ancient Wisdom, when the time is right.
Currently we are reestablishing our business after a few changes, and some of you have kindly accepted our offer to buy White Gold brand instead until we get our Ancient Wisdom packaging reorganised later this year.
Our response to the shortage of Ancient Wisdom Virgin Coconut Oil can be summarised in this statement. We have had a change of distribution location, staff and software. But not a change in direction.
The comparison between White Gold and Ancient Wisdom.
Raw? Both are Raw.
Virgin Oil? Both are Virgin Oil.
Unrefined? Both are Unrefined.
Can be rubbed in the skin? Both can be rubbed in.
Can be used for cooking? Both can be used for cooking.
Can be eaten raw, off the spoon? Both can be eaten off the spoon.
Have the same smoke point? Yes both have the same smoke point.
What’s different with Ancient Wisdom and White Gold?
Ancient Wisdom: the oil is is gravity separated by being left to sit.
White Gold: the oil is separated with machines.
Ancient Wisdom: absorbs quickly on skin.
White Gold: smells totally coconut like.
Ancient Wisdom: comes from Samoa.
White Gold comes from Sri Lanka.

News! (October 2016)

New visuals at the “Learn” page of this website.

Use it for:



Ideal for:







Oil Pulling


Cooking | Learn about Virgin Coconut Oil

Rub | Learn about Virgin Coconut Oil
Rub into | Learn about Virgin Coconut Oil
Scoop into | Learn about Virgin Coconut Oil
Swap out | Learn about Virgin Coconut Oil
Melt | Learn about Virgin Coconut Oil
Melt | Learn about Virgin Coconut Oil

News! (November 2016)

As you know, we try to provide organic products. The video below will provide you with some light relief on the topic.

“A-Z for your Coconut Ed!”

Use the Resources page and the Learn page and Recipes page to gain Coconut Confidence quickly.
Here is an example of a page found through the Start-Here page or Resources page: