Events are coming…

But we haven’t done any for a very long time!

Annual JuliaandLibby 12 Days to Christmas!
Coconut Oil Shop give away day, 2014. Facebook 12 Days of Christmas 2014

Saturday December 20th 2014 NZST –’s Facebook 12 days of Christmas giveaway. Here are the instructions, from

Thursday June 26th 2014 – Belfast School Ladies Night – The Coconut Oil Shop is taking some product down to a stall with credit card or cash payments. Neil will be there in person.

We went because it was a shopping night, with known numbers of people paying to attend. We’ve had various markets recommended to us, but they don’t add up for us. In addition, all Farmers Markets exclude us because we don’t make local producte. :  )

Coconut Oil Shop at large Christchurch event

What events are coming?

We hope to do some tele-seminars. We’ll have to see how the technology works out for us. We are also hoping to create a short talk on the question, “Why Virgin Coconut Oil?”