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Confirmation Success!

Welcome!I’m Neil Smith, and I’d like to personally thank you for signing up to the email updates from Camp Coconut. I write most of the weekly emails, run the Facebook page, and manage the content of Google + updates. We’re really pleased you’re interested in learning more about Coconut products, Virgin Coconut Oil and perhaps some other Coconut products as well, like Milk Relief Soap™.

The fastest way to find Coconut Oil products we sell is to look at

We have pages for:
NZ product sales
Australian product sales
USA and Asia product sales

At the time of writing the main menu items you’ll see when you login to The Coconut Oil Shop, Camp Coconut Area are: My Dashboard, Videos, Events, Camp Benefits, Forum and Resources. Those menu items provide you with navigation so you can get around.

We look forward to seeing you in the Camp Coconut Area.


This is what you’ve done so far.

1) You’ve logged into a Coconut Oil Shop member area.

2) You have successfully subscribed to our *camp coconut updates* emails list. This how we keep in touch with Shy Sheep (Camp Coconut) updates.

Now what?

We’ll let you know about changes, new items worth noting, etc. At this stage, I’m thinking it could be a weekly update. But it could be just monthly. We’ll have to see how it goes as the Camp Coconut free membership progresses. I’m incline to think it will be monthly.


Before we finish off this note, let’s recap why you’re here. You signed up to this email update so that you can be updated on what is in the Coconut Oil Shop Membership area. By now we will have started to send you an automated email letting you know what’s happening next.

So welcome to the Camp Coconut updates. We hope you enjoy being kept up to date. You’re onto something special with this membership, so feel free to tell a friend about it.

Thanks for joining the list! Bye for now.

Snow Hooray-002

The Coconut Oil Shop Mid Winter 2012 (That’s not coconut oil out there).

Neil Smith & family.