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This page has an introduction to the 8 shopping aisles which list the products on offer. You will also find some information about the quality standards of the products. All our coconut oils are pure, organic, non-hydrogenated oils. Click on links on this page to find prices and more information about the products in this shop.

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Frequently asked questions about the quality of the oil

Q. Are all the products organic?

A. We are committed to supplying organic products. We don’t sell products that fall outside of that criteria.

Q. Are all the products unrefined?

A. We are committed to unrefined, unbleached products. We don’t sell products that fall outside of that criteria.

Q. Are all the oils virgin and cold pressed?

A. We are committed to cold pressed virgin coconut oil. We don’t sell products that fall outside of that criteria. If you are after a cheaper Refined, Bleached and Deodorised (RBD) oil, you’re at the wrong shop.

All of our unrefined virgin coconut oils and other coconut based products are carefully produced from certified organic coconuts, and the oil is cold pressed. They are not deodorised, so you will enjoy a hint of the beautiful sweet scent of coconut flesh when you open the lid. Coconut oil is great for cooking and baking as well as eating straight off the spoon or mixed in your smoothies.

Egg yoke and egg white, both fried in virgin coconut oil

Q. What if I find out I don’t like the coconut oil I ordered?

We use these products every day and we guarantee the excellent smell, taste and quality, but we also know that taste is a very subjective matter.

We offer what no other shops will offer. Please take advantage of our 90-day Taste & Smell Unconditional Guarantee.

Email from a satisfied customer:

Have been impressed once again with your exceptional service

“Have been impressed once again with your exceptional service and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to family and friends. In fact, shared your web address with my naturopath last week, and she was equally delighted and excited to learn of your existence. Was particularly interested in the fact that you source coconut flour. Like me, she’d been unable to find elsewhere. Wonderful to deal with such good folk as yourselves. Wishing you every success.

Kindest regards,

Lorraine from DunedinLorraine Macmillan, Dunedin

Let’s look at the nitty-gritty:

We stock nothing but the very best available in New Zealand, in both the quality and the taste.

Coconut Oil Specifications

    • Extracted from certified organic coconuts
    • Country of origin: The Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Samoa or India!
    • Minimally processed (cold pressed or fermented NOT hydrogenated)
    • It is a cold-pressed extra virgin oil from fresh coconuts (strictly speaking, the term “extra virgin” is used only for olive oil, but we have used it here to mean that our virgin oil is indeed the very first press, or raw nut fermentation – the top of the scale)
    • Not RBD (NOT Refined, Bleached nor Deodorised!)
    • Ideal for eating, cooking, baking, skincare, (brain care) and cosmetics
    • Coconut oil is an amazingly stable oil, and will not easily oxidate upon heating (cooking) or prolonged storage like other oils can. It naturally has an incredibly long shelf life. (generally 2+ years)

Email from another satisfied customer:

I sent an article on coconut oil to my sister and she actually delved into it

“I sent an article on coconut oil to my sister and she actually delved into it as her husband had a stroke a while ago and is not as alert as he was.

She bought some from you and when I was talking to her yesterday morning she was saying how great they both felt and she had been able to go for a walk without her knees killing her.

She also said that she has noticed good changes in her husband. When you are in your 60’s I am willing to try anything for good health and coconut oil sounded great.”

Denise Frayle - ChristchurchDenise Frayle, Christchurch

What is our guarantee?

We offer a 90-day Taste & Smell Unconditional Guarantee. Even after you open and taste our coconut oil, if you are not happy for any reason, we will give you a full refund upon receiving the returned order. Please read the Terms page for details.

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