Breastfeeding and Virgn Coconut Oil

Do you need to produce breastmilk for your baby?

Organic, Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil | Wholefood Breast Milk Revitalising Oil

We believe that Virgin Coconut Oil is a breast milk revitalising oil because Virgin Coconut Oil is the second next biggest source of the MFCA Monolaurin. Breast milk is the biggest. We firmly believe consuming Virgin Coconut Oil will assist a women in the production of monolaurin in her breast milk.

What relevance has Virgin Coconut Oil to Breastfeeding?

The relationship between Human Breast Milk and Virgin Coconut Oil is that the oil is an excellent wholefood source of Lauric Acid. Human consumption of Lauric Acid creates a medium chain fatty acid (MCFA) which helps us boost our immunity, that acid is called monolaurin. Dr Bruce Fife’s book, The Coconut Oil Miracle indicates that monolaurin is added to baby formula to help boost baby immunity to common ailments. 

Benefits for Breastfeeding

General Benefits

Misunderstandings Exposed

Benefits for Breastfeeding

The relationship between Human Breast Milk and Virgin Coconut Oil is that they both excellent wholefood sources of Lauric Acid. When we consume Lauric Acid it becomes Monolaurin. Wikipedia indicates that Monolaurin has antibacterial and other antimicrobial effects.

General Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Misunderstandings Exposed

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