Book: Cooking with Coconut Oil – by Elizabeth Nyland

Full colour, compact Coconut Oil and Coconut Flour cooking book

Elizabeth Nyland, creator of the popular blog, has been cooking with Virgin Coconut Oil for years as part of her Paleo lifestyle.

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Elizabeth is a hard worker. She has done the hard work in the kitchen with Coconut Oil and Coconut Flour, so you don’t have to.

This is what Elizabeth said when she was given the opportunity to publish a book, ““I wonder if this is REAL? Do people just get offered book deals?!” Well, if you really work at something, put your heart and soul into it and dedicate your time to being the best you can be, then the answer is yes! So I wrote a book! I real live, published by professionals, BOOK!

“Cooking with Coconut Oil” is just that, a book where every recipe contains the delicious, ridiculously healthy tropical oil. Every, single recipe is easy to follow for even the novice chef and features a full page photo showing you the finished product. There’s tons of info about the benefits of coconut oil, where to find the ingredients and how to start a paleo lifestyle easily. I hope you’ll pick up a copy!

Cooking with Coconut Oil book by Elizabeth Nyland

Cooking with Coconut Oil book by Elizabeth Nyland