Alzheimer’s Disease – What If There Was a Cure?

“Alzheimer’s Disease – What If There Was a Cure?” by Dr. Mary T Newport (2nd Ed)

Alzheimer's Disease What if there was a cure?
“Alzheimer’s Disease – What If There Was a Cure?” by Dr. Mary T Newport

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The background information about the book states:

Acting on new research showing that medium-chain fatty acids, which act like an alternative fuel in the insulin-deficient Alzheimer’s brain, can sometimes reverse or at least stabilize the disease, author Dr. Mary T. Newport has demonstrated through her care for her husband that there is hope, relief, and perhaps a cure. 398 pages.

A book buyer’s question on books about Alzheimer’s Disease (which we sell)

The question that was posed to us was this. “You have 3 books for sale which mention Alzheimer’s Disease, which one do you recommend for us?”

The reply was, “Do you like a story or just the facts?

This book is a true story, and has a lot of facts as well.

The Author’s Background

Ketone and Coconuts _ Steve and Mary Newport's story is very insightful
Steve and Mary Newport a story of Ketones and Coconuts

Since 2008, Dr Newport has been a director of a NeoNatal unit in a hospital in the USA.She was married to Steve Newport in 1972. In 2008, faced with Steve’s illness, she wrote an article based on her research into Alzheimer’s Disease. The article was entitled “What If There Was A Cure for Alzheimer’s Disease and Nobody Knew?” The article was circulated around, and as a result of questions and encouragement, it has been used to write this book.

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This book is written from a very different perspective from the Dr Fife book on the topic of Alzheimer’s Disease.
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