Bank Deposit to pay for Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Order now using a bank deposit and email us.

Are you wary of using a credit card online, or is the Checkout misbehaving?

Pay for Coconut Oil by Bank Deposit
You don’t have to use a credit card to buy coconut oil

Ordering your organic coconut oil by bank deposit is easy. Here are our bank account details:

Shy Sheep Limited 12-3147-0321590-00 (ASB Bank) or

Shy Sheep Limited 38-9012-0621542-00 (Kiwi Bank)

1. Make the deposit into one of the above bank accounts through your own bank. Please include your surname as reference.

Please check if the products you would like to order are in stock. If the product page shows the “Add to Cart” button, it is in stock. If the page shows the “Out of Stock” button, it is out of stock. Please calculate the total amount either manually or by using our Shopping Cart. (Remember, postage for items in NZ, at or over $20, is always free with us!)

If you are not sure of the total amount to deposit, please email us.

2. After making the deposit, please email with the subject “Order by bank deposit” and give us your full name and postal address, and order reference. Tell us what you paid for as well (very important).

We will respond to your email within 12 hours, and will dispatch your order within one business day of confirming your deposit (or the same day if your deposit comes through by 9am, each business day). These days, most deposits clear overnight, so we should be able to send out your order the very next day.

If you make an order over a weekend, please wait to do the Internet banking until Monday unless you are with ASB or Kiwibank. We found that most deposits made from other banks over weekends don’t show up at our end until Tuesday.

There will be no Saturday delivery.

If you have any questions regarding the above instructions, please, don’t hesitate to ask us.