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Organic Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil extracted by fermentation only (Gut Friendly)

Ancient Wisdom RAW Completely Cold Fermentation | Fermented and delicious at the same time.

One thing that makes Ancient Wisdom stand out in the market is that it is the most absorbent oil on your skin. The absorbent nature of this Raw Virgin Coconut Oil is an indication of how easily it will be digested and absorbed by the body. Further evidence of this is found in it’s potency. It appears to us that when you are starting off with Coconut Oil, and you begin with Ancient Wisdom Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, your body will react faster if you take too much at once, than if you used a different oil.

Are you looking for a coconut oil that is pure, and not hydrogenated? You’ve found one here. Every day, we get calls and emails asking for coconut oil that matches the standard that Dr Mary Newport promotes for the brain care of Alzeimer’s Disease sufferers in particular. All of our oils are actually of a superior standard to the jar of “All Natural LouAna Pure Coconut Oil” which was featured in news reports about Dr Newport’s discoveries.

Ancient Wisdom 3.25L Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Ancient Wisdom Coconut Oil tastes pleasant, but what else makes it special?

The oil is developed with taste and smell in mind. It is also:

  • not heated at all at any stage of production (No heat – low or high)
  • made from certified organic coconuts in Samoa
  • unrefined (naturally pure white)
  • virgin oil – first and only extraction of oil
  • not pressed (grated and fermented – no need for cold pressing)

Wisdom from ancient times demonstrates the benefits of fermentation. Fermented oil makes digesting health-giving acids easier. This is important for those with a sensitive digestive system.

In summary it is:

A. It is organic.
B. It is cold pressed.
C. It is gravity separated.
No heat is used, it’s pure and it’s natural.

Ancient Wisdom – as featured in’s natural hair treatment routine

Naturally Beautiful hair -Julia and Libby

Naturally Beautiful hair -Julia and Libby

Julia recommends: “Ancient Wisdom” Coconut Oil // 160 ml / $14.70 NZD
 You can eat coconut oil and it also doubles as a beauty product which is great as you can purchase coconut oil at an affordable price.  For years I have used coconut oil as a hair masque and find it to be very effective in keeping my hair nourished and soft.  Before you go to bed apply coconut oil to the ends of your hair, tie your hair up in a top knot or plait, place a towel on your pillow and sleep with the oil in your hair.  The next morning wash it out and as it is an oil I find it best to double shampoo your hair to ensure the oil is all washed away or when your hair dries it will look greasy.  I like to do this masque every few weeks and in Summer once a week.  You can purchase coconut oil here.

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