Alzheimers Disease Resources:

Here are the resources we have available to answer questions about Coconut Oil and Alzheimers Disease

Here is the typical email we get on this topic.
“I would like to know your thoughts on what type and quantity
of oil would be beneficial to my spouse who was diagnosed with
Alzheimer’s Disease.”

Here is our typical answer.
“Watch Mary Newport’s address on the topic. (Video).

In a nut shell, use our “updates” page to get recipe ideas that have a lot of coconut oil in them. When there are symptoms like sore stomach or the trots, ease back a little.

It will take months. Look for personality improvements before clock test improvements. (But do keep clock tests so you can see).

Which oil is best? Try White Gold, if that is okay, but you want to try Ancient Wisdom, do that too. Either one have lots of benefits.

You could buy the Twin Pack Sampler.

Take a look here too.

Ketone and Coconuts _ Steve and Mary Newport's story is very insightful

Caption=”Steve and Mary Newport a story of Ketones and Coconuts

Dr Newport talks at an independent TEDx Talk. (TED talks are sponsored by drug companies, which is possibly why this talk is said to be outside its curatoral guidelines).
(2nd edition, expanded and updated 2013)