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Thank you for your concern

Coconut Oil Shop customers have been calling to make orders and asking us about how we are getting on. We appreciate that greatly!

Neil Smith. We’re still smiling, and doing our best to make you smile.

We have been able to keep trading, thankfully.

When I was a child, I distinctly remember standing in front of the piano and thinking, I wanted to sell things over the mail. The business that inspired me at the time was LV Martin. It’s such an awesome way to do business. But it does require a lot of time and attention, just like a bricks and mortar shop with retail space, etc.

About rising costs

Freight costs are rising. We are having to review some of our prices on lower-cost items. For example, the cost of the 500g of Creamed Coconut. We hadn’t put the price up for a long time. So we did that. There is little use in us sending things without any profit.

Over the years it became increasingly hard for us to buy Coconut Water. The suppliers were being given stock with a very short use-by date. So we don’t do that anymore. We don’t sell Coconut Water because it can’t be done with a profit margin.

About new products

In recent times we have been able to add new lines of business, such as MCT oil. Our oil is fractionated Coconut Oil. That has been a good move for everyone.

In summary, we have been able to keep trading, but not without your support. We appreciate it. Thank you for choosing to support a New Zealand family over a large retail chain.

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