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Year Eleven Discount Coupon Celebration

Reminder: year eleven discount coupon celebration. We emailed email list subscribers on the 21st of September, the $11 discount finishes on Saturday night, don’t miss out. Instructions on using coupons are here.

Year Eleven Discount Coupon Celebration
We made a short video about this reminder on Wednesday, 23rd of September, 2020.

Year Eleven Discount Coupon Celebration Reminder Video

We have an $11 discount coupon to celebrate 11 years of operation at Coconut Oil Shop, and this is a reminder that it expires on Saturday night. If you don’t know about it, I sent out an email about it earlier, on the 21st of September, 2020. The email went to the general subscriber list.

We have not used the Camp Coconut videos as much as I intended. There have been a lot of changes in recent years, at the Coconut Oil Shop. The changes have been time and technology-driven. With all the best intentions, we took the website down a certain path, and there were forces which took the technology in a parallel path.

So what? We nearly totally broke the website.

Year Eleven Discount Coupon will end after the 26th of September

If you have trouble, didn’t get the email etc, get in touch with us by email or phone.

Do this if trouble with a login to Coconut Oil Shop arises

If you cannot log into the Coconut Oil Shop using your old process, then try “My Account” or register anew at “My Account“.

Who wrote this short article?

Neil Smith loves to talk about the benefits of Coconut wholefoods.
Neil Smith, The Coconut Oil Shop Team

Neil Smith, The Coconut Oil Shop Team

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