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August 2019 Upate

August 2019

As of August 2019, we have some new products! We have been quietly serving our existing, and new customers, we have not been doing a lot of updates, or emails. But we have expanded our product line slightly. So this August 2019 update post it here to let you see the new products.

Specifically we have added two Coconut Jam varieties.

  • Organic Coconut Jam
  • Organic Woodapple Coconut Jam

We have also updated our Coconut Nectar Syrup to a 375ml bottle.

Click on the images above to be taken to the product specific page. From there you may view the information about each product.

Do You Pay Postage or Freight?

All our prices, $20 and over are postage and freight inclusive within New Zealand. You pay no more than the price in the checkout after you have chosen your items, like 2 x Organic Woodapple Coconut Jam 330g Jars.

No extra charges for Rural Delivery

You’ll pay nothing extra in any rural setting. You’ll pay nothing extra in Stewart Island or even the Chatham Islands! (Yes they do consume our oil over there. It’s not a very tropical place).

Who wrote this short article?

Neil Smith loves to talk about the benefits of Coconut wholefoods.
Neil Smith, The Coconut Oil Shop Team

Neil Smith, The Coconut Oil Shop Team

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There is a lot of articles and information out there on Coconut Oil and how unique it is.

But where do you begin?

We’ve put together a short, informative guide you can download, called Coconut Oil Basics. Grab your free guide, and as a special bonus, we’ll send you an email each week highlighting some interesting pages in our site.

On this website, we have over 100 pages of useful information on our website, and this guide and the emails will help you unlock it.

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