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Coconut Oil Shop Online Technology Changes

Camp Coconut and Technology Changes

Technology changes and unfortunately, so must you and I

Here are 7 points to make life easier for you, well, we hope so, anyway.
We promote our “Camp Coconut” membership, here at Coconut Oil Shop. We have done so for years.
Well, you guessed it.
Shopping Cart technology has changed, and it is not fully compatible with the Members area.
As a result, we have adopted the My Account approach to shopping. We have used “My Account” in our other sites, and now it is here at Coconut Oil Shop too.
Technology Changes
If you are a Membership area user, you will be used to seeing this area, when you login.
You can no longer reorder using this membership area. It is still there, and so are all your records. But…
Technology Changes
These days, you need this new fangled “My Account” login now for ease of shopping.

Have things gone wrong when you used your password?

I had an email from a long term customer, and Camp Coconut member.
It went something like this:
“Can I use my own password? I don’t know what I am doing wrong as I have bought coconut oil before.”
The answer I gave sounds something like this.
1. I just adjusted the menu for people who login using Camp Coconut, so that you can see what I am talking about next. (“My Account”).
2. Using the old shopping cart data, associated with your email address,, I see you have bought 1L of Ancient Wisdom in the past.
Before that, you bought 2 x 1L of White Gold.
3. In point 1. I make mention of the Members area, “Camp Coconut”. So, the membership account associated with your email address, is a Camp Coconut membership.
Through it, you can see what I just described. I looked up the shop records, and you will see it in the Members area, when you log in with that email address. But technology has changed, and I have had to create an alternative “My Account” area.
4. The “My Account” lets you quickly reorder, using the new shopping cart technology.
5. Why didn’t we get rid of the old technology? Because if we did, we’d never know what you bought 5 years ago! Quite possibly, neither would you.
6. You can register for that My Account area, but it has be using a different email address. Or you can ask me to delete the old email off the members area.
7. Please tell me if you would like to have me replace your, email at Membership, so that you can use that with the “My Account” area.
I am sure you see, that we didn’t whip that email up in 2 minutes. It was nice to be able to obtain some real life feedback from a customer who has been with us for many, many years.
So please feel free use the My Account page for yourself.
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