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Creamed Coconut Jars Oil Level

Creamed Coconut Jars

Why do Creamed Coconut jars appear to have different levels of oil on top?

The video you can see above shows you oil separation in one of our Creamed Coconut jars. You can see the level of oil separation in this Creamed Coconut jar is less than the one in the photo above.

The particular jar of Creamed Coconut Jar of Rich Gold Creamed Coconut in that video was manufactured in April 2014. It shows no sign of any deterioration. The video was made in May 2018! There is nothing wrong with this jar. The reason why we unfurled the wrapper was to demonstrate the level of separation.

Creamed Coconut Jars
Creamed Coconut Jars

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It appears that the level of ground meat in each of the jars does not change within the Rich Gold brand, it is just their separation which changes.

I believe there is a simple reason why there are different levels of separation. It will depend on the temperature of the air when they are separated and factors related to that.

The colour of the ground meat, the darker area, varies slightly between the photos and video. Therefore there are two variables.

  1. the colour of the meat
  2. the thickness of the white Virgin Coconut Oil area

There is a pattern, with the darker meat, the oil layer is thicker. This indicates the oil has separated more, leaving a darker, drier meat.

Restore the balance of oil and ground flesh in your Creamed Coconut jars

Melting the jar, and mixing the contents will restore the oil back to the ground coconut meat.

This can be done with sunlight, microwave, or placing the jar in a warm place.

Warm places can be in in hot water, over hot water, or over a heater or fire, or next to a fan heater.

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