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2018 May – Remember the 7th special offer

Remember the 7th

Remember The 7th, special offer, May 2018

Today only $20 off bank-deposits for orders $100+, before 8pm.

How does the Remember The Seventh $20 discount offer work?

Today only, you can make a bank deposit for an order worth $100 or more, before 8pm, we’ll take $20 off, with a coupon code.

(We’ll even do it without a coupon code if you email us).
Payment can be arranged using the bank details on our website:

Shy Sheep Limited 12-3147-0321590-00 (ASB Bank) or

Shy Sheep Limited 38-9012-0621542-00 (Kiwi Bank)

Feel free to order with bank deposit, by email only.
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Remember the 7th
If you decide to use the website, you may choose the “bank Deposit” option as well.

Check it out. We look forward to hearing about your bank deposits. Thanks in advance.

Now a little about how it might work:

“Remember The 7th” in action

We received an email soon after announced this offer, it said:

“I have just made a payment online to your account number  12-3147-0321590-00 (ASB Bank).
White Gold 4 litre Pail. $128.70
Remember the 7th Discount of $20.00.”
So please make your way to the shop, today, and discover more about our special offer tonight. Some of our avid email readers have already taken action on this offer, today.
The fastest way to make it happen is to email us, and make a bank deposit.
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