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Feel full sooner and for longer

Do you use Coconut Oil to feel full sooner and for longer?

It has been said that eating a small amount of Coconut Oil can lead to some level of feeling “satiation”. That is the feeling your brain creates when it thinks your meal should be finishing. Some people would benefit if they feel full sooner.

“Satiation” refers to the end of desire to eat after a meal, and this can occur at any time after the onset of eating.  –

I have certainly experienced such a feeling before.

Dr Bruce Fife states that adding some Coconut Oil, or even just dried Coconut to food you eat in the morning can mean you feel full longer.

Our customer Jen Herd wrote into us and explained that she had made a toasted muesli which she attributed to her gradual and sustained weight loss. I believe one of the benefits of this recipe is “the Coconut Oil effect” of satiation. She felt full for longer and  probably ate less during the day. I know I have when add Coconut Product to my morning diet.

Scoop, Heat and Rub: 3 Coconut Oil Ways. In Jen’s recipe she heats the oil with the ingredients, and in so doing, it soaks into the ingredients.

Who may benefit from this Coconut Oil Tip?

So if you know someone who is eating a lot of food during the day, between meals, or is feeling hungry just before a meal, Coconut Oil consumption is the an option for them. It will help them feel a like they ate something.

Coconut Oil Chickpea Curry | Feel full sooner with Coconut Oil

Above: Julia and Libby Wholefoods Kitchen Chickpea Curry.
If you know of someone who tends to eat too much, like I do, when we have Japanese curry for a meal! Put some Virgin Coconut Oil into the food, and they will feel full sooner, and for longer.

About this blog series – “3 Coconut Oil Ways”

The question I’ve been asking in this 3 Coconut Oil Ways blog series is, “Do you…?” For example, “Do you scoop?“, “Do you heat?“. In this post we’re asking you, “Do you eat Coconut Oil to feel full sooner, and for longer?”

Who wrote this short article?

Neil Smith loves to talk about the benefits of Coconut wholefoods.

Neil Smith, The Coconut Oil Shop Team

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