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Coconut Oil Persimmon Rooibos Tea Cake

Coconut Oil Persimmon Rooibos Tea Cake

A sweet, refined sugar free tea cake for Autumn.
Nicola Galloway of Home Grown Kitchen blog says, “Rooibos Tea, or Red Bush Tea pairs perfectly with the intense sweetness of persimmons.

The Smith Family of this Coconut Resort blog have a long standing love of Rooibos Tea, a product we learnt about in Japan, of all places. The Red Bush is only grown in one part of South Africa.

I also first learnt about Persimmon as a fruit from Japan. Apparently the most widely cultivated Persimmon is the Japanese “Kaki” variety.

So to see the Coconut Oil Persimmon Rooibos Tea Cake recipe with the Japanese fruit persimmon and the tea we learnt about from Japan is interesting to me.

Persimmon Cake with Coconut Oil
Persimmon and Rooibos Tea could combine to make a refined sugar free option for next year’s Mother’s Day afternoon tea.

The most popular tea cake in New Zealand is possibly the Blueberry Tea Cake. The recipe above could be done with a number of tea and firm fruit combinations.

[gmc_recipe 12366]
For more information and instructions on how long to bake for and other instructions, take a look at Home Grown Kitchen’s blog post.

Don’t feel restricted in what fruit you may use. Any firm fruit, be it plum, Granny Smith Apples, etc. may work with different tea options. Even Green Tea.

Who wrote this short article?

Neil Smith loves to talk about the benefits of Coconut wholefoods.

Neil Smith, The Coconut Oil Shop Team

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