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3 Coconut Oil Ways for Everyday Use

Do you use these 3 Coconut Oil ways?

Learn about 3 Coconut Oil Ways for everyday use.
Human brains can remember lists of 3 easier than a list of 8.

Scoop Heat Rub. 3 Coconut Oil Ways for everyday use.

Scoop, Heat or Rub. Using Virgin Coconut Oil every day is as simple as taking one of these 3 ways to use Coconut Oil. I call them the 3 Coconut Oil Ways to catch attention, and reinforce how basic the task of using Coconut Oil every day really is.

Why I chose to highlight these 3 uses for Virgin Coconut Oil

I’ve started writing a new consumer guide.

I wanted to make learning about Virgin Coconut Oil even easier than the current guide, Coconut Oil Basics. While I was planning that resource I thought, I’d answer the question, “What are we doing?”

I mean, what are we doing with this unique oil? While I was thinking a list began to appear on paper. It included things like replacing, revitalising, spreading….scooping, heating, rubbing. That was when I got inspired.

What inspired me? Well, I thought my original list of 8 uses was concise, but a list of three that encompassed the 8 original uses is truly crisp. I hope it motivates someone you know to use Virgin Coconut Oil daily too.

8 uses of Virgin Coconut Oil below involve scooping, heating or rubbing

So if someone asks you,”What can you do with Virgin Coconut Oil?” Now you can capture their imagination with the statement, “Scoop, heat or rub”. Human brains can remember lists of 3 easier than a list of 8 items.

Coconut Oil Shop | 8 Common Uses - Eating Cooking

Coconut Oil Shop | 8 Common Uses - Skin, Hair

Coconut Oil Shop | 8 Common Uses - Eating Cooking

Coconut Oil Shop | 8 Common Uses - Oil Pulling, Massage

Coconut Oil: 8 Basic Uses for Everyone – every one of them involves the 3 Coconut Oil Ways.

Let’s look what these 3 ways are. What I had in mind when I thought about when I wrote Scoop, Heat, and Rub on the list.

Scoop. Coconut Oil is solid at room temperature or at least below 24 degrees Celsius. We scoop some oil out and put it in our mouths for Oil Pulling, for example. The next article on the topic of scooping is here.

Heat. We sell Raw Virgin Coconut Oil, and so it is likely some of you are raising your eyebrows at the word heat. In reality, what I am talking is oil will heat, in your hand. It can also safely be heated in baking or cooking.

Rub. Coconut Oil can be rubbed into flour, on skin, in hair. Even wood responds to Virgin Coconut Oil.

These are basic ideas. Really basic. But we need to focus on the basics so we can be consistent in the use of Virgin Coconut Oil daily. What we do with Virgin Coconut Oil is really basic. That is the key message I want to get across with this post.

If you like what you see, it is the foundation of the new consumer guide. This new guide is not written yet. If you haven’t yet seen the existing guide, Coconut Oil Basics, you can click on the image below. If you are already a Camp Coconut Member, you can access the latest copy of Coconut Oil Basics there.

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Thanks for reading.

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