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Coconut Oil Fans Shrug Off Ministry Criticism

Coconut Oil Fans Shrug Off Ministry Criticism

Lee-Ann Wann, Nutritionist says, “I live on it, and I put 99% of my clients on it.”

Two of the readers of this blog – Coconut Oil fans – sent me a photo and a link to the media article which appeared in NZ Herald, 30th October 2015.

Coconut Oil Fans like Lee-Ann Wann Opposes Coconut Oil Critics
Nutrionist Lee-Ann Wann says that Coconut Oil is a superfood, boosts immune system and memory, and helps control food cravings. Learn more about how to use Coconut Oil. Follow the links on the “Learn” Page at the Coconut Oil Shop website.

But why would Coconut Oil fans oppose the Ministry of Health in their endeavour to protect the people of New Zealand against our beloved Virgin Coconut Oil? They are the government, surely they are here to help?

The end of the article illustrated above states international studies support the use of Coconut Oil. The article appeared in The New Zealand Herald in Auckland today. Coconut Oil Shop and Shy Sheep Limited have tended to stay away from making claims about the benefits of Coconut Oil, probably to our own detriment. But we don’t live breathe and eat the stuff for nothing!

This website has also posted about Saturated Fat, which is the heart of the debate. The article “FDA did make saturated fat reversal”, is a good example of our ideas on the topic.

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2 thoughts on “Coconut Oil Fans Shrug Off Ministry Criticism

  1. I have been using Coconut oil extensively and exclusively for cooking.
    As I have Type 2 diabetes, I am in a low carb diet and depend upon Coconut oil to provide some of the beneficial fats my body needs for energy.

    I have been using fermented Coconut Oil for the past three years and during this time my lipid profile has improved considerably. I have reduced weight and will continue to use coconut oil for cooking. I tell all my family and friends about the benefits of coconut oil.

  2. We have multipile food allergies in our family some are allergic to all major food groups if it wasnt for coconut oil and other coconut products
    , life would be very difficult and would result in some of us being sick all the time, its used in most meals , all treats and for our skin. So hurray for coconut oil and coconut products.

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