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FDA Did Make Saturated Fat Reversal

FDA Did Make Saturated Fat Reversal

FDA decide to ban “artery-clogging” trans fat on Tuesday June 16th, 2015, USA time.
Since the 1950s, the world of public health has been fighting a losing battle against clogged arteries. Why? Many in the health community have woken up to the fact that some commonly eaten foods are dangerous, and finally the USA’s public health watch dog, the FDA have admitted trans fats are included in that list as well. Coconut Oil Shop posted that this day may soon come, in May 2015.

Linked to this important decision that trans fats are dangerous is the concept that saturated fats are not safe.


Washington Post journalist Brady Dennis reported the Federal Drug Administration have made a landmark decision to declare trans fats, found in many processed foods are in fact dangerous. This decision is based on human artery examinations, and other research.

The Saturated Fat Reversal – Partially Hydrogenated Oils banned

Partially Hydrogenated Oils (PHOs) are the culprit for artery clogging, according to the research of a 100 year old scientist Fred Kummerow. Professor Kummerow has faced what we called “a lonely battle” from 1950. Professor Kummerow’s medical research appeared to agree with a trend found in statistics. That trend was the rapid rise in heart disease from 1910, when margarine became popular.

In 1968 common sense got a break, the US government agreed to make food manufacturers reduce the products creating Partially Hydrogenated Oils. We commonly call these trans fats. The USA’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) started recording a reduction in heart disease after that.

With the June 16, 2015 decision from the FDA in the USA, we can safely say, “At last long last: a trans fat ban” – University of Illinois. Here we have definitive action from one of the most influential government public health organisations in the western world.

But read the statement from 100 years of life experience, by Professor Kummerow on this matter.

“I don’t consider is a triumph, I know what it was like for the industry, to do what they did. I’m not hear glowing that this was done. I’m just hoping that it’ll happen.”

Fred Kummerow - faced down the FDA and initiated a saturated fat reversalWords from 100 year old Professor Fred A Kummerow. Born in German, 1914, October 4.

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Now it’s up to the food industry world wide to take the next step, and the Coconut Oil Shop would love to extend our hand to food manufacturers willing to try Coconut Oil in their recipes, anywhere in the world, (subject to satisfactory trading terms).

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