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4 Ingredient Toasted Coconut Breakfast Spread

4 Ingredient Toasted Coconut Breakfast Spread

Another creamy delight for you to try. Got some Coconut Threads (shreds)?
In the last post I said, “I for one just love to have Coconut Dry Goods every single morning!” Nothing has changed in a week…expect this week it is shredded Coconut Threads!

Also, last week I got carried away with milk links. And this week I could be tempted to do the same.  Coconut Threads (shredded Coconut) is one of the 4 ingredients in this recipe. I promised to post about a dairy-free Cottage Cheese recipe soon.


Toasted Coconut Breakfast-Spread-Framed



Head over to the A Spicy Perspective Blog for more instructions.

Some of you may be wondering why I kept the link to the Real California Milk website. Well, there are two reasons.

  1. We sell Pacific Island Raw Organic Coconut Oil to the USA at USD $26.80 + $9.80 postage 33.81 oz (1 Liter).
  2. The Real California Milk website is fascinating and very entertaining! You’ve got to visit it on a internet fast connection.

That is why I made sure we kept that link it there. If you are in the USA, and you’re reading, we mean business over there too. But we starting on a small scale with one product only.

Who posted this short article?

Neil Smith loves to talk about the benefits of Coconut wholefoods.Neil Smith, The Coconut Oil Shop Team

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Of course we have our own great dairy stories too.
See the Fonterra video. A lot of the shots from this video are from Darfield factory, which is 15 minutes drive from here.

The story of Westland Dairy starts in 1868. When I was a child, it was mostly known as a regional milk provider, and a great source for Ice Cream. Oh how times have changed.

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