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FDA May Make Saturated Fat Reversal Soon

FDA May Make Saturated Fat Reversal Soon

Kelly The Kitchen Kop has been writing about Wholefood since 2007. On Kelly’s blog, guest post writer Joanie Blaxter wrote an article exposing recent developments in received food theories about fat in the US. This apparent saturated fat reversal in media accepted thinking is possibly one of the most dynamic news themes we’ll see for a while.

Media accepted thinking has been changing about Saturated Fat following the June 23 2014 TIME magazine article, “Ending the War on Fat,”. The article which appeared on Weston A Price main Facebook page 05/May/2015 NZT.

Here are some highlights from the article.

Exorcising Pritikin’s Ghost — GOOD News: Throw Out Your Cholesterol Levels Chart!

“We now understand that cholesterol is not the culprit in heart disease, but rather more of an indicator of overall inflammation in the body.  In other words, reduce the total inflammation and the cholesterol goes down. (See Kelly’s post, The Real Cause of Heart Disease, for more on that.)

In fact, the “heart healthy” low-fat dietary emphasis has never been solidly supported by science.

Instead, recent studies have shown a low-fat diet to be linked modern diseases like:

Cancer as well as…
Depression and suicide (Have you seen this post: 20 Tips to Fight Anxiety and Depression Naturally?)

And what did Nathaniel Pritikin himself die of at age 70? He developed leukemia and subsequently killed himself.”

Perhaps it’s taken a while for the US Federal Drug Administration (FDA) to notice similar links between diet and death causes with others as well. I really don’t know.

Why have we written about this article here?

We are drawing your attention to this article because Virgin Coconut Oil is saturated fat. We seem to be seeing a shift in the media’s thinking about saturated fat, overseas. If this leads to a change in public perception about saturated fat, it is going to be a huge shift!

The staff at the Coconut Oil Shop certainly noticed the TIME Magazine in June 2014. But we didn’t write directly about it at the time. However, the next month we did make a change in editorial direction toward the theme of the Coconut Education Island. It was about that time that we started the Coconut Resources page, with a Kiwi accent pun, “A-Z for Coconut Ed.” (We pronounce Z as “zed”.)

In July 2014 we posted about saturated fat and diabetes – Dr Gary Taub.

On October 24th 2014 Heart Foundation NZ went live with their “Big Reveal”. Thankfully Radio New Zealand had alerted me to their media release beforehand, and I had a radio interview which many of saturated fat’s supporters heard.

February 11th 2015 saw run yet another article on saturated fat.

March 23rd 2015 was a big day for saturated fat in the worldwide media. An article highlighting the learnings of some Sri Lankan scientists went viral on the net, but more importantly with mainstream international media!

In time we’ll see where this media attention leads to. For now it makes thrilling reading to suggest that we may be in the midst of an historical shift back to what our grandparents thought they knew to be true – saturated fat is not nearly as bad for us as Ancel Keys and his mate Nathaniel Pritikin believe it to be.

The above article suggests that FDA may make saturated fat reversal soon. That is to say, they may come out saying that we don’t need to worry so much about cholesterol as an indicator in heart disease. If it happens, just remember you may well have read it first in the Coconut Oil Shop updates! (At last: a ban on trans fats – 16th June 2015)

Who posted this short article?

Neil Smith loves to talk about the benefits of Coconut wholefoods.Neil Smith, The Coconut Oil Shop Team

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