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Coconut Oil Tea and Hot Drinks

Does coconut oil go well in hot drinks?

We love to support those who feel our shop resonates with them. So we’ve decided to start some question and answer posts. This one is about putting coconut oil in hot drinks. If the truth be known, I don’t do it enough, but my dear wife does! I usually rely on other ways to consume Virgin Coconut Oil. At the bottom of the page we have a Coconut Oil Coffee recipe to share.

The Coconut Oil Shop Team decided we’ll show you some alternative ideas on drinking Coconut Oil.

What Unblended Coconut Oil Tea and Hot Drinks Look Like

Add Wholefood Revitalising Oil Virgin Coconut Oil and Butter to your tea -
Coconut Oil Tea and Hot Drinks | Coconut Oil Tea™ – Milk, salted butter, tea and Virgin Coconut Oil unblended.

Recently it was brought to my attention that Lea Salonga, a famous Filipino who, at 42, still looks 24 at a glance, puts coconut oil in her coffee. We have heard from people of all ages and stages in life telling us they put Virgin Coconut Oil in their hot drinks. And why not? Coconut Oil tea and hots drinks will beceome big Cafe business!

This topic was relaunched to international recognition by Bulletproof® brand of coffee. The Bulletproof® brand prefers refined Coconut Oil, and we do not. The concept was inspired by “Yak Butter Tea” which has butter blended in it. The addition of Virgin Coconut Oil is most likely a modern idea.

Obviously putting oil in one’s hot drink is a matter of personal taste. In my opinion tea with oil needs milk. But putting a drop or two of food grade essential oil suits me if there is no milk. So unless I’m having my tea without milk, adding Virgin Coconut Oil in it is too much for me.

Welcome to the Coconut Oil Wholesale Page
My wife, Mrs Smith puts coconut oil in her cups of tea, daily.

Putting oil in one’s hot drink is a matter of personal taste. In my opinion, putting a drop or two of food grade essential oil suits me. Unless I’m having my tea without milk, adding Virgin Coconut Oil in it is too much for me. So you may be wondering by now, do people really drink coconut oil?

Yes people really drink Virgin Coconut Oil.
It’s done like this:

  • put a teaspoon or two into a hot drink (when you body is fine with it, put more in)
  • add it to a smoothie (again start small and work your way up
  • add creamed coconut to your smoothie or hot chocolate if you don’t mind a bit of extra fibre in your drink it has naturally occurring Virgin Coconut Oil
  • add Virgin Coconut Oil to soup
  • add Creamed Coconut to spicey soups or curries
  • it’s #fatadded

What other ways can we take Virgin Coconut Oil in liquid form?

Soups come to mind immediately.

You can add Virgin Coconut Oil to almost any soup. You can also add Creamed Coconut (ground coconut meat) as a thickener to soup. As I have stated above, Creamed Coconut (sometimes called Coconut Butter) has naturally occurring Virgin Coconut Oil in it.

For soup ideas that have coconut oil in them, you may like to look at some of the books we sell.

Souped Up Virgin Coconut Oil ideas

Bruce Fife books:

  • Stop Alzheimer’s Now! pp 269-274

Of course there are more ideas out there too.

What about Yak Butter Tea?

The Coconut Oil Tea™ concept was inspired by Yak Butter Tea.

If you want to see real Butter Tea, Tiban style, watch this video.

It is interesting that the Tea is called (Po) Cha, in Tibet. It is called Cha in Japan as well. In Japan all tea is called Cha. They call Japanese Green Tea Nihon cha. Summer, cold barley tea is mugi cha.

Perhaps we ought to call this Coconut Oil Tea™, Coconut Cha?

Putting the Coconut Cha idea side – I’m sure Coconut Cha would be a totally different type of tea; let’s talk a little about Coconut Oil in Coffee again.

What a customer says about drinking Coconut Oil

We love always buy your oil and use it in lots of recipes.

We have discovered this very tasty recipe for coffee with coconut oil and butter and we wanted to share it with you and possibly your clients??

Do try it and we hope you like it! (We did try it). And here is part of what they attached.


  • 2 moderate tablespoons of grass-fed butter.  ( Organic/unsalted butter best replaces the  original YAK butter)
  • 1-2 tbsp of quality unrefined organic coconut oil. Try –  (Freight free in NZ)
  • Organic whole Coffee beans
  • Optional  – Organic cinnamon or nutmeg. (freshly ground always most beneficial and tastiest).

Method / instructions:

You can read the whole article, with instructions so that you don’t end up with a drink like I have pictured above, if you login to or join Camp Coconut, free.

Who wrote this short article?

Neil Smith loves to talk about the benefits of Coconut wholefoods.Neil Smith, The Coconut Oil Shop Team

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