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Coconut Oil Coffee Recipe Download

Coconut Oil Coffee Recipe Download

We received this email about Coconut Oil Coffee from our customers, Mr and Mrs Nicasi.

“We love always buy your oil and use it in lots of recipes –

We have discovered this very tasty recipe for coffee with coconut oil and butter and we wanted to share it with you and possibly your clients??

Do try it and we hope you like it!

Kind regards, Marie.”

Fat-added Hot Drink - Bulletproof Coffee flickr image

Grab the recipe download PDF document here by clicking on the image.

They are onto something! Even is talking about it. You can buy Coconut Oil Coffee at Pure Cafe, Bealey Avenue, Christchurch.

We hope you like the recipe download. It is only available from this site for members of Camp Coconut. : )

Photo credit: Flickr

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