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Skin: Beach Body Polish

Doesn’t the sea make your skin feel wonderful?

Beach Body Polish Recipe | The Nourished Life

Beach Body Polish and thoughts about skin

Elizabeth Walling from Living The Nourished Life blog speaks about her childhood memories of the seaside. “So between playing in the waves and walking along the shore, I spent a lot of time in (or by) the water. It was incredibly soothing for my mind–as you can probably imagine–but I also noticed something interesting: it made my skin feel amazing”. So let’s take a look at how you give your skin that beach body polish.

Ingredients 6

Introducing Elizabeth

Elizabeth-Waller | Beach Body PolishElizabeth’s blog – Living the Nourished Life will tell you how to get that Beach Body Polish! (Super cool name, aye!)

To find out more, take a look at Elizabeth Waller’s blog,

Who posted this short article?

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