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Nipples cracked / infected with yeast infection: will Virgin Coconut Oil help?

We were recently asked about applying virgin coconut oil on nipples that are infected or have a yeast growth

The first key is for topical application of the Virgin Organic Coconut Oil (or any coconut oil) is to do it after feeding. (I asked my wife about this matter. Her expertise comes by experience.)

I realise that wiping nipples after feeding may be easier said than done if the child is feeding a lot. So here are the reasons for that.

1) If the baby / toddler gets too much oil at the start, he/she will violate the “Start Slowly” principle, and may have stomach cramps and or “the trots”.

2) The taste may surprise the baby/child.

3) The little one little one may reinfect the mother.

The second great consideration is the mother’s internal system which is allowing this infection. The mother must start taking Virgin Coconut Oil internally. How?

1) By mouth

2) Optional (raw food recipes)

3) Coconut Oil Shop Updates Recipes

4) In hot drinks

5) For frying below 177°C / 350°F

6) Baking (any temperature)

7) Oil Pulling

We have a Coconut Oil Basics Guide for your ladies, if you’d like to encourage them to look at it.

I hope that was helpful. The key to starting out with Coconut Oil is to start slowly, and work up, unless you’re doing Oil Pulling.

Who wrote this short article?

Neil Smith loves to talk about the benefits of Coconut wholefoods.Neil Smith, The Coconut Oil Shop Team

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