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DIY Deodorant

From Facebook and shared 2600 times! DIY Deodorant

DIY Deodorant FoodMatters.TV

I grabbed this DIY Deodorant recipe off Facebook.

Here are the noteworthy FB questions and answers I’ve seen

Does it stain?

The answer from one person is no, and I do Ball Room Dancing.

Why do you not want to sweat (it lets toxins out)?

An answer was, deodorant does not stop you sweating. It takes the smell away. Anti-perspirant does stop sweat.

Is it sticky (under the arm sticky feeling)?

No reply on Facebook. But I can say it will absorb very well if it has Virgin Coconut Oil in it, the same goes for quality essential oils.

How do you store it?

Glass jar. We have 160ml tin lid glass jars for sale with Virgin Coconut Oil in them….

As some of you know, I take some Virgin Coconut Oil to my shower each morning, along with my Milk Relief­­™ SoapThey do the job of a deodorant for me as well as everything else.

Who wrote this short article?

Neil Smith loves to talk about the benefits of Coconut wholefoods.Neil Smith, The Coconut Oil Shop Team

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2 thoughts on “DIY Deodorant

  1. I make my own, but I use only the coconut oil and some essential oil. I find the baking soda causes dry skin and rash issues. The oil alone is just as effective. And, NO, it doesn’t stain and YES it does absorb right into the skin. My whole family and their kids now use this as their deodorant of choice.

  2. Coconut oil deodorant – this is the BEST deodorant I have ever used; it is the most effective deodorant I have ever used. It lasts ALL DAY, does not stain or leave oil marks on clothing. I have been using it for six months and am stunned by how good it is and wish I had discovered it 40 years ago. My teenage son is now using it. If you think your skin might be a bit sensitive to the baking soda, you can substitute arrowroot or cornstarch. It becomes soft in summer and goes quite hard in winter in cooler climates. Just scrape the back of your thumbnail across it and rub over your armpits. Brilliant.

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