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Spicy Herb Battered Wedges (Baked)

I beleive this recipe helps offset one of the potential pitfalls of the humble potatoe. What is that pitfall? Well I’m told by some people it can give your blood sugar a spike.
One of the health benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil is its reputed ability to regulate a blood sugar spike. But wait, there’s more. When you combine Virgin Coconut Oil with Coconut Flour, you’ll also help reduce your risk of bowel cancer. Did you know it is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month in June, in New Zealand?

Agria Potatoes and Facts

Baked Spicy Herb Battered Wedges (with Virgin Coconut Oil, of couse)

I love potatoes and I love chips. I think potatoes wedges became popular in New Zealand 20-30 years ago. But I haven’t seen it served in houses as much as restaurants. Apparently they are a long time staple diet, in one form or another in parts of Europe. This is what the Wikipedia has to say about them.

  • In some regions of the United States, potato wedges are known as jojos. This term [is thought to have] originated in Elyria, Ohio and is also used in the Pacific Northwest, Idaho, Ohio, Minnesota, Texas, and other areas. Jojos are potato wedges fried in the same vat as chicken and usually eaten plain alongside fried chicken, coleslaw, and baked beans. A variation in spelling and pronunciation is mojos, particularly in Western Canada, the Western United States and Canada’s Yukon. (There are citations).
  • In Germany, they are known as Kartoffelspalten or Wilde Kartoffeln (wild potatoes).
  • In Sweden, they are called klyftpotatis (wedge-potatoes).
  • In Russia, they are known as картофель по-деревенски (potatoes “village style”).
  • In Turkey, they are known as “Elma Dilim Patates” (apple slice potatoes).
  • In Australia, potato wedges are a common bar food, that are almost always served with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce. They are usually seasoned with a variety of spices, commonly paprika, salt and pepper.
  • In Maryland (very near New York – in the East of the USA), they are known as “Western fries”.

So they are often fried, in the USA. Be that as it may, we are baking these ones for 30-40 minutes, and we’re using Virgin Coconut Oil too.


12 large Agria Potatoes (or other baking potatoe such as Tiffany)

1 cup regular flour or Coconut Flour (38% fibre)

1 tablespoon of Oregano

1 tablespoon of dried Thyme

1 tablespoon of Curry Powder

1 tablespoon of Chili Seasoning (may be High FODMAP)

1 teaspoon of Sea Salt
(New Zealand sea salt can be easily purchased in flake or other format at the supermarket). There is also Himalyan Crystal Salt as well, which is also full of wonderful minerals.

4 minced garlic cloves (certainly High FODMAP)

Dash of pepper at taste

1/3 cup of melted Virgin Coconut Oil

2 large zip-lock bags


Firstly, Organic Agria Potatoes are usually avaialble at Countdown and I assume at FoodTown as well.

Wash and chop the potatoes into wedges in a medium sized bowl. Mix dry ingredients: all herbs, garlic, salt, flour, curry powder and chili together. Place in 1 large ziploc bag and set aside.

Melt coconut oil and pour into the other bag. Place 1/2 the potatoe wedges into the bag and shake until soaked with oil. Repeat with the rest of the potaotes.

Transfer them into the flour filled bag, where the process will be repeated.

Once all wedges are coated with oil and flour, transfer them into a deep oven tray, or shallow dish. Drizzle the remaining oil on top and bake at 220­­° C for 30-40 minutes.

Serve hot.

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Who wrote this short article?

Neil Smith loves to talk about the benefits of Coconut wholefoods.Neil Smith, The Coconut Oil Shop Team

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