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Irritable Bowel Syndrome Questions Answered

Coconut Products and Irritable Bowel Syndrome

We use these products at home.

I can’t give medical advice.
So if I had irritable bowel syndrome condition, I’d use Ancient Wisdom brand of Raw Virgin Coconut Oil. That is because it is easier on the gut.
I’d drink a TetraPack of C Coconut Water every day, because it is organic, and pure, and tastes amazing. I’d be using Coconut Flour as I was able, (take that every carefully as it is 38% fibre).
I’d be using Caspian Sea Yoghurt (in the region that was found, the 90 year old men act like 30 year old men when they wield the axe).
I’d be taking Fermented Codliver Oil High Vitamin Butter Oil Blend (we’re currently out of stock) and I’d be having lots of bone broth, etc.
Now about those cramps, perhaps you’ve read about my experience with terrible cramp in the leg. THE MOST AMAZING thing I’ve ever used is napoBIO®’s Tiare Flower Suntan and Massage Oil. Get some, and rub it on the skin. Yesterday I had to go out and was feeling a lot of abdominal muscle cramps, which I didn’t like. They were around the back half of the body, but not the back, over the rib cage. So I thought I’ll beat that.
I took a TetraPak of Coconut Water with me in the car, and they all disappeared. (I drank the water out of a straw, of course).

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