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Coconut Soaked Nuts Recipe

Coconut Soaked Oatie Nut Bar “Recipe”

We’ll never know exactly what went into this recipe, but you probably would have loved it!Coconut & Soaked Oats, Nuts n Seeds

This Camp Coconut recipe is a celebration of joy trying new things with coconut products! There are no fixed proportions, and the next time it was made we didn’t have what turned out to be the definitive ingredients…

The bars were inspired by the idea of muesli bars. We also wanted to use soaked nuts and seeds. The bar was not too sweet, and not too seed like. The overall result was a mixture of tastes and textures. There were elements like velvet almost white chocolate taste, and the flakiness of a chocolate flake bar. This flakiness came about from the soaked pumpkin seeds I think.

In the picture above you can see the desiccated coconut, and what appears to be peanut butter colour. There are no peanuts in the bar. The colour on top comes from cinnamon. Let’s look at the ingredients.


4 equal parts (hard ingredients):

  • soaked almonds
  • soaked cashew nuts
  • soaked sun flower seeds
  • soaked pumpkin kernels (green part)

Raisins (to taste but in proportion to dates)

Dates chopped extremely small (more of them than the raisins)

White Gold Virgin Coconut Oil a few table spoons

Oats (About 1/4 of the bar is oats)



Gold Sprinkle Desiccated Coconut


First soak the “hard ingredients”.

Then while that is happening, chop raisins (in a food processor).

Also chop the dates small, into squares.

Once the hard ingredients are soaked for a few hours, pour hard ingredients out of the food processor into a bowl.

Then add the oats, and other ingredients except the desiccated coconut and cinnamon.

The last thing to add is the Virgin Coconut Oil, and you’d want to mix it all up together.

Finally once mixed, pour it all into a flat dish like a (glass) Pyrex® dish, or similar. It needs to be something that you can wield a force onto with a knife, later on. A tin may be sufficient, but not a lined tin or a non stick one, as your knife may later destroy the surface.

Place the topping on before it sets, Desiccated Coconut first, then cinnamon.


Some of the things I love about this recipe the most are:

  • the flaky feel of the soaked seeds
  • its not over-poweringly sweet
  • its very filling!
  • I could have eaten far too much of it (and I don’t normally like dates, but you can’t taste them as dates)

So what are the “defining ingredients”?

We didn’t have the nuts and raisins the next time it was made. So without the nuts and raisins it is pleasant. But the family’s passionate desire to consume was not there! In addition to that, I’d say the soaked almonds in particular did the recipe a world of good!

Hopefully we’ll be able to revisit this and the Camp Coconut Chocolate projects again and offer you some more of our research findings.

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Neil Smith loves to talk about the benefits of Coconut wholefoods.Neil Smith, The Coconut Oil Shop Team

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