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Virgin Coconut Oil goes main stream in Southland

“Butter is a healthy fat – who says?”

So reads the Southland Times news article today.

The Southland Times article talks about butter, Coconut Oil and olive oil. It points out that olive oil oxidises when heated. What does that mean?

Oxidation in chemicals is the process of letting oxygen destroy beneficial processes in your body. That is why we want to consume “anti-oxodants”. You’ve problably heard of them too.

Anti-oxidants in food are found in the taste and smell of it. For example, that Coconut smell, and Coconut tastes that comes with high quality Virgin Coconut Oil. We call the nutrients in the oil which produce taste and smell, phytonutrients.

Now there is a big word. But it means plant food.

So if you buy Virgin Olive Oil overseas, the taste and smell is often quite differen to the regular supermarket grade Virgin Olive Oil. Why? Because it is a better quality and or a different plant variety. With Virgin Coconut Oil, sold in New Zealand the taste and smell will depend in part on the variety of the plant.

If you are buying 100% natural ccoconut oil for cooking and it doesn’t taste and it doesn’t smell, you are buying Deodorised Coconut Oil. It is not virgin. It has had its phytonutrients steamed out of it.

Now back to the butter, olvive oil and coconut oil article in the Southland Times, lets see what nutritionalist Rosemary Stanton has to say.
The article in question quotes a nutritionalist, Rosemary Stanton. Her cautious conclusion is that Lauric Acid is one reason why Coconut Oil may have some positive benefits for each of us.

Stanton also says, “So while we wait for science to back up the claims for coconut oil and unravel the complexities of fat and heart disease it might make sense to stick with what we really do know – that many studies have found that olive oil, especially extra virgin olive oil, is heart healthy and that unlike coconut oil which raises ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol, olive oil lowers it. ”

Now what would Dr Fife and Dr Mercola say about that?

In essence what nutritionalist Stanton’s statement fails to recognise is that Virgin Coconut Oil is associated with a positive correlation between so called good and bad cholesterol.

Dr Gursche and his wife
Dr Gursche and his wife

If you want the “good oil” on the latest western world research about Coconut Oil it is hard to get past Dr Gursche and Dr Fife.

Certified Nutritionalist, Dr Bruce and his wife, Leslie Fife
Certified Nutritionalist, Dr Bruce and his wife, Leslie Fife

If you haven’t read the latest version of “The Coconut Oil Miracle” book, I recommend you do so now!

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Thanks for reading, and we look forward to helping you decide for yourself if Virgin Coconut Oil is a healthy fat?

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