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Coconut Sugar Berry and Apple Short Cake – JuliaandLibby Blog

Coconut Sugar Apple and Berry Short Cake
Coconut Sugar Apple and Berry Short Cake –

I love things like this! Apple Short Cake, Apple Pie, Berries and Apple, yes please!

Julia and Libby Reveal Their Mother’s Signature Desert!

Here is what they say about it.

Instead of using regular cane sugar in this recipe which is nothing more than empty calories our Mum has used coconut sugar.  The reason being that during processing coconut sugar does retain nutrients found in the coconut palm.  Some of these nutrients are potassium, magnesium and others.  Coconut Sugar also has a GI of 35 which can help to maintain lower blood sugar and insulin levels.  Compared with cane sugar that has a GI of 68 (anything over 70 -100 is considered high).

Berries are also used in this recipe – they are low in calories, high in fibre and contain high levels of Vitamins and anti oxidants that your body needs daily.  Fresh is best otherwise use frozen organic/non sprayed berries.

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