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Jen Herd’s Weight Loss Muesli

Our customer, Jen Herd wrote on our Facebook page, “So my GP ran a heap of ‘check-up’ tests with me this week. Part of this was a Cardiac Risk Assessment which takes into account weight, height, cholesterol, yada yada.

“Well…. I consume CO & coconut everyday – started about 20 months ago and I’ve lost 33kg over the last two years (still losing slowly), my BP has come down from 135/85 to 110/70, my good cholesterol is nice and high and my bad chol is super low.

“The practice nurse went a bit quiet when she ran the calculation hehe. She said the lowest score they’ve ever had was 3% … mine is 1%!!!!! and she said that it won’t allow a score of 0% but I’m more likely to be 0% than 1%. SCORE!

“I chuckled and commented that that was pretty cool considering I eat a ‘high fat diet’! She was understandably confused so I proceeded to educate her about the massive benefits of CO. It was great to be able to spread the word in a place that would usually throw their hands up in horror at the consumption of so much ‘bad’ fat!”

How many people would like to know what Jen Herd puts in her morning muesli?

This recipe is a guide only really as it varies every time I make it.

Jen Herd Weight Loss Muesli
High Fat Weight Loss Muesli

So –

4-6c Whole oats
2c Quinoa Flakes
1c Puffed Amaranth
4c Coconut Chips
2c Pumpkin Seeds
2c Sunflower Seeds
2c Almonds
2c Cashews
1c Coconut Oil
1/2-1c Blackstrap Molasses


Mix all together and toast in a slow oven 100-150c for about 2 hours, stirring a couple of times as it toasts.

After it’s cooled down (stir a few times as it cools to stop it clumping) add about 1c freshly ground linseed.

Jen Herd - Wellington District owns Coco the Coconut Oil Eating CatI have 4 heaped dessert spoons of muesli mixed with 2 dessert spoons of Chia seed and a heaped dessert spoon of Coconut cubes; which I buy from Bin Inn – they are simply DEVINE!

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2 thoughts on “Jen Herd’s Weight Loss Muesli

  1. I am going to attempt to make Jen Herd’s Muesli Recipe, I haven’t seen the coconut cubes at our local Bin Inn unfortunately, I am sure the muesli will be great with out them.
    Would love to know more of what she has done to get so healthy!

    1. You’re right, it will be fun, June.

      I’ve sent your comment to Jen to make sure she saw it. : )

      The Coconut Oil Team.

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