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Bulk Coconut Cream

Bulk Coconut Cream without any additive is as scarce as hen’s teeth!

Bulk Coconut Cream without additives is as scarce as hen's teeth!
Bulk Coconut Cream without additives is as scarce as hen’s teeth!

In my last post, we highlighted the Delicious Obsessions Creamy Coconut Yoghurt recipe. (What a wonderful idea). And it requires Coconut Cream. Of course we have Ceres Organics Coconut Cream for sale. But we’ve had some feedback that some of you would like access to a product which 100% pure (no stabilisers etc).

Today in fact, we got a question from a long standing customer. The customer was looking for Coconut Cream that has no additives. As I said above, others had been looking for it too, and so we thought the least we can do is to show you how to make Coconut Milk or Coconut Cream to taste, without any UHT (Ultra High Treatment) and without wasting an opportunity to add valuable nutrients into your diet through Coconut Water.

The Coconut Cream you can buy in the supermarket is really cheap. But some of it is totally tasteless! One brand we tried tasted like tinned water, but it was white and thinly creamy. Another one didn’t taste very sweet at all. But that is just a symptom. Let’s look the ingredients of a collection of coconut cream cans I have in the cupboard for research.

Coconut Cream

  • Woolworths Home Brand – Coconut Milk 80%, Water, Thickeners (412, 466) Emulsifier (435)
  • Kara UHT Natural Coconut Cream – Fresh Natural Coconut Extract 99.92%, Stabilizer E415, E412 & E407
  • Trident Coconut Cream – Coconut Cream 52%, Water, Stabiliser (466)
  • Family Choice Pacific Ocean Coconut Cream – Coconut Water, Stabilizer (466), Emulsifier (435), Pasteurised and Homogenised.

Coconut Milk

  • Celebes Organic Coconut Milk – Organic Coconut Milk and Guar Gum (E412)

How can you get pure Coconut Cream in the right amount?

You can buy Creamed Coconut and make your own Coconut Cream. But what is the point in putting tap water into a Coconut Cream? I don’t know what they put in the tap water at your house, but I know we filter all of the water that comes through any tap at our house.

Here is the instructions we provide for making Zenian Creamed Coconut into Coconut Cream.

Creamed coconut comes in two layers; the white oil layer at the top and the solid yellowish layer at the bottom. (Can you tell from the photo above?) You need to mix the layers back together before use. We put the whole jar in a bowl of warm water until the content softens, and then put a handheld mixer inside the jar. You can also do the mixing with a knife or fork. You can also scrape out of the jar, put it all in a food processor, and “zizz till smooth” as Zenian put it.

The standard way to make Coconut Cream from Creamed Coconut is here.
After mixing back the two layers in the jar as above, put 1-4 tablespoons of Creamed Coconut to 1/2 cup of hot water according to your taste. Mix together well, and strain it with something!

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