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Gracious Chocolate Recipe

Clean Eating Gracious Chocolate Bars



Coconut Oil Shop’s version of Clean Eating Gracious Chocolate Bars Version 1.0

This recipe comes from the Gracious Pantry, but has been changed, by us, and we aren’t finished changing it yet…

Here is the link to The Gracious Pantry version.

We’ll leave the changes we made, and the things we’d do differently for our forthcoming Premium Coconut Tips membership level. But you can view this recipe here, and we’ll put it up in the archive section at the Free Coconut Oil Shop Education Centre.


As we’ve stated above. This is not exactly what we did with the above pictured version. We’ll do some more work on this recipe and put it in the premium, paid for, Coconut Tips membership area when it becomes available.

Virgin coconut oil cooking and baking mistakes and recipe variations

We think that publishing other options available, and the mistakes we made along the way will make for very interesting reading, and also a lot of work for us. So we’ll leave that until we have a premium membership you pay for. :  )

We’ll give you a hint about one of our objectives. We’re aiming for an allergy free bar.

Here is the next version. Version 2.0

Coconut Oil Chocolate version 2.0

This version tasted much more like a commercial chocolate, yet completely different again too. The recipe and notes about variations will be available in the premium membership area when it is established.

Who wrote this short article?

Neil Smith loves to talk about the benefits of Coconut wholefoods.Neil Smith, The Coconut Oil Shop Team

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5 thoughts on “Gracious Chocolate Recipe

  1. How about carb free chocolate bars? Would be great to have something made with Stevia or erythritol for those who are avoiding sugar in all its toxic forms.

    1. Thanks for your comment. We’ll give that some consideration when we develop any new recipes. : )

      The Coconut Oil Shop Team.

  2. it’s really great to use raw (unroasted) cocoa/cacao powder – all cocao’s amazing nutrients are then fully available. it’s more expensive than regular cocoa but organic & if you just use it for unbaked treats it’s so worth it. i make raw chocolate all the time with just coconut oil or cacao butter, cocao powder & honey.
    ps: next passionfruit season scoop some pulp in – divine! or pour over dried fruit & nuts of your choice
    pps: can use stevia if you don’t want to use honey

    1. Thanks for that suggestion. We used Planet Organic Cocoa.

      We’ll add your suggestion to our box of tricks, along with another one we got today. : )

      The Coconut Oil Shop Team.

  3. […] Double batch of liquid Coconut Oil Chocolate   Use the “Clean Eating Chocolate Recipe”, and don’t let it set. We used Planet Organic Cocoa. […]

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