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Anzac Biscuits Coconut Tips

Tips For Making Anzac Biscuits With More Coconut Ingredients

You couldn’t call this a recipe…but here are some hard won tips for a more coconut version of this April baking standard.

Many of the readers will know that New Zealanders and Australians invented a biscuit (cookie) which was sent to troops in World War 1. It was created with rolled oats, and it was incredibly hard. Well over time it has become a national institution for New Zealanders, and I’m sure the feeling is similar up in Australia too, where some Australians refer to their Gallipoli War Memorials in sacred terms, much like they were shrines.

So because these biscuits are so enshrined in our Australian and New Zealand culture, it is important we get these biscuits to our liking.

Members of our family have been making Anzac Biscuits for a long time. But recently someone was following a Readers’ Digest “Back To Basics” (Australian Edition) recipe for these cookies (biscuits), and ran out of sugar. So they added some Coconut Sugar as well. Then we didn’t want to use Maple Syrup as recommended, so we used Coconut Nectar Syrup. It’s made with the blossom of the coconut tree bloom.

They also didn’t have any Shredded Coconut. So they whizzed up some coconut chips instead. Now shredded coconut that you buy in the shops is often treated with all manner of things, including sweeteners. But freeze dried coconut chips – slithers of coconut meat are as natural as possible.

By making these adjustments, we made long lasting, hard on the outside, dark, thick and delicious Anzac Biscuits with fibre enough to keep you regular. Now there is a particular trick that, which can be locked, and unlocked, in a coconut!

Now while we are talking about keeping regular, which is one good excuse to allow yourself to bake these year-round, let’s also look at that horrible symptom of “the trots”! I read a book, most probably it was, Virgin Coconut Oil by Brian and Marianita Shilhavy. The book stated that Coconut Macaroons, the cookies / biscuits were a wonderful treatment for “The Trots”. The physical problem is that too much water is running though the intestines, and not being absorbed. So the water passes out the other end. Well, shredded coconut does the absorption.

So a biscuit with shredded coconut may assist with alleviating “The Trots”. In fact, let me tell you what one couple asked us this weekend. “Does Virgin Coconut Oil assist with constipation?” I was asked. My thoughts soon raced to the telephone conversation I’d had with a lady who told me her experiences with coconut oil. But we won’t talk about that just yet.

The short answer to the question was that yes, Virgin Coconut Oil will definitely get your intestine moving regularly. So here we have two opposites. The shredded coconut will absorb more moisture, and potentially slow your system’s waste disposal down, and Virgin Coconut Oil may, in some cases speed it up a little. So keep a balance, or you’ll end up in trouble! As with all unsupervised diet changes start slow, and build up.

Now for this person telling me their experience with Virgin Coconut Oil on the phone. Someone told me they started on Virgin Coconut Oil at 3 table spoons a day. Bang, just like that. She thought that was the optimal amount per person per day. Now I’ll add, I could tell by the voice this person was neither particularly young, nor of a big body frame, and Dr Fife tell us in his book, The Coconut Oil Miracle that body weight can alter the “optimal amount” of coconut oil for a person per day.

What happened?

So what happened to the person who took too much Virgin Coconut Oil at once. She was so ill, she could hold the phone, but she couldn’t dial it, to tell her mother in law that she wasn’t able to make a meal for her for dinner. She had “The Trots”…

So now you know what to do if you are enjoying Shredded Coconut, or Coconut Chips, and your waste system clogs up. Start taking 1 teaspoon of Virgin Coconut Oil at a time, up to 3 times a day. Or one extra teaspoon per time per day, with a drink or by itself, or spread on bread, or whatever. But don’t over do it.

In summary

Remember that Coconut Meat – the white stuff which is turned into Coconut Chips or Shredded Coconut contains Virgin Coconut Oil, but it is going to have the opposite effect on human waste disposal when compared with Virgin Coconut Oil. You also need to be aware that Shredded Coconut from a supermarket may not as natural and unprocessed as whizzed up freeze dried Coconut Chips. Lastly, adding Coconut Sugar, Coconut Syrup, and adding freeze dried whizzed up Coconut Chips to Anzac Biscuits make them even crispier, more compact together, and more golden brown than I’ve ever seen them in my life. Now don’t forget, if you have “The Trots” and you can hold the phone, but you can’t dial the numbers, you may need medical attention from someone!

Take it slowly when you start taking more fibre or more Virgin Coconut Oil! This article is not medical advice, and we are not seeking to offer a treatment for any specific or general health condition.

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