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Green Relief Salve and The Angry Wasp

Green Salve | Do wasp stings have to hurt for a long time?
Do wasp stings have to hurt for a long time?

I had never been stung by bees or wasps, even in my childhood

We were happily celebrating our daughter’s birthday, with a quiet lunchtime party outside. Then I suddenly felt a sharp sting on my arm.  I had just put my arm down on the table. The sudden pain gave me what felt like the shock of my life.  Then as I lifted my arm up, we all saw a lightly squashed wasp stinging me with all its might!

I was stunned. It took me a while to register that I was indeed being stung by a wasp, so the damage was already done by the time I flicked the wasp with my fingers. The others just stared at my arm in horror as I held it up with a wasp still on it.

It hurt.

It really hurt.

Funny thing – people tell me wasps never leave a sting in the skin but this one did. Perhaps it was because it got squashed under my arm. I had to beg someone to fetch a pair of tweezers so I could get the sting out. This delay added to the pain.

After what seemed like quite long enough, someone brought a teaspoon of raw honey for me to put on the sore area of the skin. “It takes away the sting,” so I was told.

We’ve been getting raw honey from a local beekeeper for years, and it’s great stuff. Hey, but, it’s sticky! Well, of course; it’s honey.

It was a great first aid trick. And I endured the sticky mess politely for a while. But I still had pain and some honey had already got on my clothes and my watch, and I couldn’t stand the stickiness. I didn’t like it, and when I got an opportunity, I went straight to the tap and washed all the honey off. Then I reached for my usual cure-all jar. Yes, that is “Green Relief Salve,” which I formulated and made myself.

Boy that felt so soothing!

I rubbed a generous amount on my arm where it hurt. Thanks to the special blend of therapeutic grade essential oils in the salve, it numbed the pain instantly. Boy that felt soothing! I felt I could carry on with my day again. An hour or so later, my arm started hurting again, so I repeated the process.

I just rubbed some more Green Relief Salve on, just a small amount each time that I noticed the pain which would have been every couple of hours, I suppose. By the time it was time for bed, I honestly couldn’t tell where exactly I was stung. No swelling, no redness, no pain.

It was incredible.

Next morning, I studied my arm closely but nothing could be seen or felt, so there was no need to put the salve on.

Why did this happen?

What makes Green Relief Salve effective in this way? Green Relief Salve can numb the pain, draw out toxins and reduce inflammation.

It is naturally:

  • anti-microbial
  • anti-bacterial
  • anti-viral
  • anti-fungal as well as
  • anti-imflammatry

Our family reach for it more than anything else on the shelf. It was a life-saver one year when all eight children came down with chicken pox one after another…

Soothing, yes, that’s it, and I can’t help but get a good whiff of it every time I open the jar. The smell is soothing for the soul, too.

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