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Blood Pressure, Anxiety and taking Coconut Oil

Do we offer basic medical advice for common ailments?

Sometimes we get questions about medical conditions, such as blood pressure, anxiety, and other things.
The short answer is no. We don’t offer personalised advice about common medical ailments.

Dr Mary Enig, and Sally Fallon Co-authors of Eat Fat Lose Fat

So what do we do?

We point you in the right direction
There is a lot of documented information, from a number of reliable sources which can help you. We have a range of good books for sale which cover the benefit of cooking with good oil. Take Dr Gursche’s book, “Coconut Oil”, for example.

There is also the excellent work of Dr Mary Enig, and Sally Fallon in their book Eat Fat, Lose Fat. It has a lot of background information which will be of benefit to those suffering from common ailments.

Generally speaking, Virgin Coconut Oil is a whole, life giving oil, and taken in small amounts which work up to 3+ tablespoons a day, as your body can cope with it, without going into a “full systems cleansing”, will provide you with some pleasant health surprises. For more information, you’ll need to read through the 5 short lessons in the “Which Oil?” course.

We recommend you buy some books from the Books Aisle, but best of all, read, and reread them!

Take a look now at the books aisle. You’ll be surprised as how many coconut oil questions they’ll asnwer.

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